Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Three Tips To Create A Strong Password

Our online content, bank accounts, shopping accounts and social network accounts are as safe as our passwords are. Most  people dont  consider password security important  and they  ignore the fact that one day they may be victims of personal data theft, credit card theft or botnets. Do you want to be a botnet zombie ? Mabye you want to be a botnet zombie because you don't know yet about botnets, but what  if i tell you that there  is a  high  chance  to go in jail if you get infected with a botnet?

1. Mix things like a barman.

Try to have as many different characters as possible in your password. If you create a password  with only lowercase letters there is a high chance that this password will be cracked easily, because the attacker's program tries each possible combination of lowercase letters and see if it matches to your password. If you put uppercase letters and special characters, the number of combinations for creating a password  will increase and it will be time and energy consuming for the attacker. For example,'Password' is harder to crack than 'password' and 'Passw0rd' is the hardest to crack of these three passwords.

2. Leetspeak  

This is a language that is very useful and makes your password stronger. It helps you  to convert letters to numbers in a way that you  can remember them. For example the A letter in english alphabet is a 4 in leetspeak, the o letter is equal to  0  etc. If you  your password is 'ilovemyself', you can  use leetspeak to make it look like '1l0v3mys3lf'. Leetspeak makes it look like an alien language, but the more you practise, the more familiar it will look to you.

You can learn how to read and write in leet here.

3. Make Sure Your Password Is Long Enough

Make sure your password is long! How long ? Most authors say that a strong password should be at least 8 characters, but i suggest you make sure your password's length is  more than eight because the first thing an attacker will try is to create all the possible combinations with eight characters. Many people tend to make their passwords eight character long because they red that the password with eight characters is strong enough, but they don't know anything about bruteforcing, right?

How do i create my  strong passwords ?

Ok. It is time to show you how i  create a  very strong password and how i remember it. Keep in  mind that if a method for creating a password is very popular or it becomes popular it is not anymore the right method for creating strong passwords because attackers will create programs to use your method in order to find your passwords. I have passwords that protect my financial data and i always try to stay up  to date with   the popular methods  and i try to create mines. If you want to make the strongest password for yourself you should think  to create your  own method for password creation. I want to sleep well, so i work hard! Ido not want to wake up one morning with zero credit in my paypal account. It is 'blood money', so i have to make sure my password is strong enough and  attackers can not break it.  "Ok, Oltjano, stop the chitchat! Show us !"

The strongest password is  the password that is created from a passphrase, a passphrase that is special to you and nobody knows about it, or mabye the wildest dream will fit perfect for a password. I bet that many people that are reading my post use the name of  their spouses as passwords or  their pet's name. Go and change your password before someone else does it for you! How do i make a strong password? I go to www.youtube.com and i search for one of  my favourite song for the moment. My friends think that i am a fan of Rick Ross (a famous rapper) because i  listen alot to his music, but they don't know that i do that just for trolling. Time to search on youtube for a  song from the  rapper Rick Ross. I will pick  "Rick Ross - Sixteen ft. Andre 3000". To tell the truth i love this song.  It's duration is seven minutes and forty six seconds. Read carefully my words and try to remember the rules from the "Some rules to keep in mind when creating a strong password" paragraph. Every word will help you to create a very strong password. Now, what ?

a) I  copy and paste the title of the song in my favourite text editor.

Rick Ross - Sixteen ft. Andre 3000

b) I  write the duration of the song


c) I write the site's name where this password will be used

I do this so i can create a special password for another site from my main password. Never use the same password for every account. Some people use their facebook password for their paypal account. I don't want  to be rude, but this is the most stupid thing i've ever seen in my all life.


Now, it is time to create my password. I never use space characters in my password, because i find hard to remember a password which includes space characters in it. I don't what  to remember  anything. In my opinion the strongest password is the password you create everytime you log in to your account.

Rick Ross - Sixteen ft. Andre 3000 , 7:46, www.youtube.com

d) Now i try to connect them together.


I can use this password, but i  love beautiful things, so i will try to make my password look cute. It is time to apply some rules. Always keep in  mind  three rules about password security, password length (long password), mix things (uppercase, lowercase, numbers , special characters) and leetspeak language (convert alphabet letters to numbers). Let me apply some rules to my long string.

R1ckR0$$-$1xt33nft4ndr330007:46www.y0tub3.c0m (leetspeak rule)

To make my password short, i take the first letters of  every word that forms the url of the website. For example, if i create  a password for www.youtube.com, i  take w,y and c and form wyc, a simple word that i add at the end of my password. Now i remove www.y0tub3.c0m, add @wyc  and it is done.


If the site does not allow me to create a password with this kind of length, i take the first letter for every word of my main password and  add @wyc   (@site) at the end.